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Workshop facilitated at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago, May, 2018

this workshop was facilitated using the first printed prototypes of the card game, not yet fully illustrated or complete in its content or game rules. the event brought input for further iteration on the game's appearance, rules and content, including once again a diversity of perspectives in the process.

the goal was to raise the question of what an intersectional transfeminist lenses can bring to the discussion about AI; consider shared values for transfeminist algorithms, discussing the existing content in the cards and gathering further relevant content; brainstorm art objects/works, share a bit about their own work; engage in speculative exercise; get them thinking about co-design; how to partner with a community based organization to develop creative interventions.

the workshop was facilitated as a performance, bringing to life a futuristic narrative to support the speculative exercise and free us from present constraints.


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