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Fellowship granted by the Superrr Network, supported by Mozilla, Berlin, February-March, 2019

the superrr network's feminist tech fellowship strives to explore new narratives that counter dominant big tech visions. we want to speculate what feminist technologies look like and come up with tools that help us to challenge existing patterns and to embrace diversity. you can visit the fellowship page here.

the fellowship supported clara, designer and illustrator at coding rights, on the development of the current version of the game, including the design and illustration for the 66 cards composing the decks and the printing of the physical version of the game.


in this process, other key activities took place, ensuring the collaborative and open character of the project: workshops for collective brainstorming on how to represent certain values made it possible to include a bigger diversity of voices, which was crucial while working on an intersectional approach.

also as part of the fellowship program, a blog post discussing the project from a designerly perspective was also published. it brings a debate around open and collaborative design processes and how it can be used as a platform for political change. you can read the full text here.

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